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Welcon Technologies is a progressive, dynamic Engineering Consultant that specialises in Electrical Engineering and Project Management.

  • A dynamic and vibrant work atmosphere is the Norm not a luxury
  • Employees are compensated for overtime with optional ‘paid days off’
  • Employee contributions are highly valued and rewarded
  • Promotions are performance based NOT time based
  • Innovation is rewarded and encouraged
  • Access is provided for training schemes for all staff, at all stages of their careers, including funding of post-graduate study
  • Project diversity is available so that staff can move into other skill areas


As a member of the Welcon family, we value your knowledge and expertise. If you’re looking for that rewarding career path, Welcon will ensure that you’re provided with the project challenges and professional development whilst working in an environment that provides a balanced work-life atmosphere.

In Welcon you’ll will find rewarding career paths in:

  • Engineering Design
  • Project / Contract Management
  • On site – commissioning and technical support


At Welcon you will find career opportunities as: