Mount Isa Water Board Substation Lake Moondarra

WRITTEN BY:   Welcon Admin

PUBLISHED ON:   2016/09/14


We are currently assisting the Mount Isa Water Board with the upgrade of a 33kV substation at Lake Moondarra in NW Queensland. This is the main source of water for the giant Mt Isa mine and processing plants, as well as North West Mining community and local residents.

Currently the substation is the main source of power for the pumping station which supplies the town. Due to the age of the equipment, the 33/3.3kV substation presents a significant risk to water supply security should a failure occur.

Based on a 3D scan of the switchyard, Welcon’s engineers have produced a detailed design and supplied construction management plans, equipment specifications and protection settings for all relevant equipment. The new design will have redundancy, including auto reclosers with tighter protection tripping curves and quicker return time to service in place of the current 33kV fuses. There will also be new transformers and high voltage cabling to the meet the relevant standards.

Overall this will be a significate upgrade of an aging asset. The critical nature of water and its supply can’t be underestimated.

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