Southern Ports Authority Arc Flash Study

WRITTEN BY:   Welcon Admin

PUBLISHED ON:   2016/09/14

Congratulations to Armin Lahij on the successful completion of the Arc Flash Study for the Southern Ports Authority’s Esperance Port in WA.

Armin visited Esperance for on-site data gathering to allow him to complete the arc flash analysis and report utilising the existing site information. Once results were discussed with the Client, protection settings were optimised and a revised report quickly completed, along with revised labels. The optimised settings resulted in reduced Arc Flash Energy Levels and reduced the PPE requirements from Cat 3 to Cat 1 in some areas, which reduced the need for uncomfortable High Rated PPE, as well as a safer work environment.

It was satisfying to work with such a diligent client, who realised the safety improvements for their workforce by immediately implementing the recommendations of our initial report. We look forward to working with like-minded clients that can take full advantage of optimised Arc Flash Recommendations.

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