AS2067 Substations and High Voltage Installations – 2016 Changes

WRITTEN BY:   Welcon Admin

PUBLISHED ON:   2017/01/24

Don Wilschefski, Welcon’s High Voltage Auditor, recently presented a consolidated review of the changes to AS2067:2016. As part of this review, Don was able to share the important changes with some of our key customers based in Gladstone.

The changes to the high voltage standard included:

  • Major changes have been introduced to the design of earthing in the vicinity of high voltage equipment and substations, with reference to Energy Networks Association standards.
  • Closer alignment with IEC international standards has been achieved for equipment operating at voltages exceeding 1kV a.c.
  • Fire risks for substations within or near buildings have been addressed in more detail.
  • The standard is more prescriptive. This gives clarity to the high voltage design processes required.
  • High voltage designs are now required to be checked and verified.
  • AS2067:2016 will now cover all sites operating at voltages over 1kV a.c.
  • AS3007 will be amended to include the earthing requirements of AS2067:2016 to apply to surface mines and associated underground areas.

Welcon are pleased to share our knowledge with our customers to provide a greater awareness of risks and safety around the Electrical Industry.

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