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Gladstone is a city with a difference – tourism, community and industry are in harmony, retaining a pleasant lifestyle and environment.

Named Port Curtis by Lieutenant Matthew Flinders when he entered the natural deepwater harbour in 1802, Gladstone is sheltered by two large Islands – Curtis and Facing, and was given its name in 1853 to honor the British statesman, Sir William Gladstone. A meatworks was established and in the west, gold rushes added to the pace of development. Gladstone’s transformation came in the Sixties with the start of major industrial and community expansion, which has continued over the past three decades to be at the forefront of the community and industry development in Australia.

Gladstone today is host to an increasing number of visitors and new residents each year. Our Visitor Information Centre at the Marina is open seven days. Visitors often react with pleasant surprise at what they find in this community.

Gladstone is a clean and safe city, as recognised in the Tidiest Towns Competition, having won many awards including the title Queensland’s Tidiest Town many times. Queensland’s premier port city boasts several of Australia’ s most significant industries in a region of thriving trade, commerce and investment. The catch phrase, “The Engine Room of Industry” highlights the area’s strong industrial facilities and economy.

While the Gladstone Region is the processing centre for a resource-rich region, the city retains an environmentally-friendly and pleasant feel.


We are located at the following address:Gladstone Level 1, 19 Tank st, Gladstone QLD 4680, Australia

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