CHAZOP Facilitation

WRITTEN BY:   Welcon Admin

PUBLISHED ON:   2018/06/08

Are you designing a new controls system for your plant? Or are you undertaking a major upgrade or modification to you your existing process control systems? Have you looked at all the risks? What levels of redundancy are required? These questions are best answered by conducting a CHAZOP. What is a CHAZOP? It is a Control Hazard and Operability Analysis. A CHAZOP provides a systematic, multi-disciplinary technique to improve the safety and operability of electronic control systems. As indicated by the name, the CHAZOP process is based on the proven HAZOP technique.

Welcon’s Ian Ribbons is a trained and experienced CHAZOP Facilitator who can guide clients through the CHAZOP process, so they can be confident that the proposed control system provides the required levels of safety and functionality. Please contact Ian on 0427 69 11 40 to discuss your needs.

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