Lightning Protection Forum

WRITTEN BY:   Steve Williams

PUBLISHED ON:   2019/04/12

Central Qld industrial clients gained new knowledge about Lightning and Surge Protection at a recent forum conducted in Gladstone by Welcon Technologies and Phoenix Contact.

Welcon Power Systems Engineer William Kurkowski presented a Case Study to demonstrate the shortcomings of using the current AS1768 risk assessment methodology for outdoor process plants.  The case study was based on an actual Central Qld process plant in a hazardous area, where Welcon’s engineers utilised a customised risk assessment procedure to design a Lightning Protection System to achieve acceptable residual risk levels for the Client.

Arno Kiefer, surge protection specialist from Phoenix Contact (Germany) provided the forum attendees with a review of surge protection concepts and latest technologies for power, signal, and communication systems.  He also described the differences between the AS/NZS and IEC standards, and how to apply these standards. Arno also explained AC Surge protection concepts, how to meet protection levels, and highlighted the do’s and don’ts with fusing and bonding requirements.

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